Management Credibility

Business Excellence
"The Business Excellence Model Program conducted by Mr. Doongaji has galvanized my senior management team into introspecting the way we are doing our businesses. His emphasis on the amalgamation of modern management concepts with traditional values as a recipe for business excellence has added credence to our belief in our VISION. I have had the privilege to attend the sessions he has conducted and his inimitable style of driving home his point through the vast repertoire of anecdotes takes the learning experience to an entirely different level. At the same time his simplicity and humility strike a chord among the participants and facilitate a spontaneous and enriching interaction. We, at Kohinoor, are thankful to him for sharing his rich experience and knowledge with us."

Unmesh Joshi, Chairman & MD, Kohinoor Group


Mr. Doongaji has been a superb Mentor and Facilitator to our Senior Leadership Team at Kohinoor Group. We have benefitted immensely from him in our quest for excellence in all our Businesses. His eloquent style of delivery with vast and varied industry experience makes his workshops an amazing and enriching experience.

The seven session workshop on Business Excellence by him is superbly structured. Backed by his wealth of management acumen and industry experience, the workshop leaves the participants all charged up and motivated to achieve excellence in their Business Units.

His first program on 'Ethics in Business' made a tremendous impact on all the participants as they were all convinced that it was coming from an Industry Leader who has practiced code of Ethical Business throughout his professional life.

Major General Yash Sharma,Vice President - HR & Admin, Kohinoor Group


"Thanks a lot for this excellent workshop and all the values, experiences, best practices, testimonies you have shared with us. We would never get such a complete view even in the best Business Schools."

Gabriel Migy, Special Projects Manager, BOBST, Switzerland

Business Strategy

We at Kohinoor participated in Mr. T. R. Doongaji’s (of Credibility Consulting) much acclaimed ‘Business Excellence’ program in 2014. It agitated the minds of senior management at Kohinoor to introspect. It was realized that strategy was an area where we needed to focus for improvement. Mr. Doongaji was approached for guidance. Mr. Doongaji, a Management Guru and a highly successful Business Leader along with his colleague Mr. Gautam Mukerjee, a strategy champion, voracious reader and writer designed a ‘Strategy Program’ that would meet our needs. The program stretched over a year in which understanding of conceptual framework of strategy was built in and guidance for realistic formulation of strategy for the Business Units was provided. Throughout the year there was continuous interaction between Management Team and both the Strategy Gurus. The power of the program can be gauged by the fact that it not only enhanced understanding of strategy but helped us to put structures and systems in place so that strategic focus remains central to all decisions. Most importantly it planted the seed of culture of strategy in Kohinoor.

Major General Yash N Sharma (Veteran), Vice President HR & Admin, Kohinoor Group

Other Sessions

It’s my pleasure to put on record Doongaji’s extraordinary efforts in sharing the Tata Heritage, Philosophy, Values and Cultural pillars before scores of TATA Power employees, particularly our new inductees. In a world where materialism is fast catching up with society, his passionate discourses have helped many of our employees see reasons beyond material gains & to be humane, humble and upright.


His narration through actual incidents related to TATA group founders and key leaders helps emphasize the point of being good human beings and responsible citizens very effectively. His simple but effective presentation brings out all these aspects beautifully through interesting anecdotes. We are grateful for the time and support that he has extended to help us to enrich and strengthen the fabric of India and on the crucial component of the Tata idea of nation building.

Anil Sardana, MD, Tata Power

Our association with ‘Credibility Consulting’ during the past three years or so has been a very enriching and rewarding experience. Doongaji is a facilitator ‘par excellence’ and his passion is epitomised by and enriched with his erudition, scholarship, vast experience and knowledge. The greatest USP is that he combines Modern Management Thought Process with an emphasis on Core Values and this touches a chord with all his participants. He believes and passionately practices the dictum that Core Purpose and Values are what make Corporations Great and Inspiring. He has taken several subjects with us and the treatment has always been a common thread focussing on the Cerebral to the Spiritual which has included subjects like Corporate Governance and Ethics, Core Values and Corporate Sustainability etc.


Not surprisingly, in this age and time, he is much sought after, as he is precisely the kind of Anchor, Professionals/ Corporates would love to interact with.

Allen Sequeira, Executive VP - Group HR & Leadership Development – Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd

Mr. Doongaji had delivered deeply appreciated one-day sessions on Corporate Values, Corporate Governance, Corporate Statesmanship and People, Profit & Planet for our newly promoted DGMs, GMs and EDs at the GAIL Training Institute, Noida. For the participants, a better understanding of these topics was a vital need before they took up charge of more responsible positions in the organisation after their promotions. The feedback indicates that the participants were highly benefited from these enlightening sessions through which he shared his invaluable thoughts on the subjects, based on real life examples of various organizations.

We are thankful to him for sharing his rich experience and knowledge with us. We look forward to his continued support and guidance to us.

D. V. Shastry, General Manager (Training), GAIL Training Institute

Shri Doongaji kept us spellbound during his presentation. It was excellent learning.

Shri S B Mitra, GM (Law), GAIL


Shri Doongaji was one of the best faculty I ever heard

Shri S P Garg, GM (HSE), GAIL

The best lecture I ever attended in my life. I wish I could attend more such lectures.
Abhaya Agarwal, GAIL

In corporate journeys, it is important to pause, reflect and then move. This is certainly one such occasion.
Senior Executive, GAIL

I got spiritual motivation and got to know how a path with values is going to be a way to success.
Senior Executive, GAIL

Mr. Doongaji has conducted many sessions for executives at the Taj Group of Hotels over the past few years. The feedback has always been outstanding. His conviction, a rare ability to communicate with simplicity and years of experience at the helm of various Tata organizations contribute significantly in building credibility to what he does.

Rustom Vesavevala, Vice President - Learning & Development, The Taj Group of Hotels

Doongaji has lived a lifetime in the Tata Group. He has a rich understanding of its history and the essence of its existence. He has an excellent capability to communicate the wisdom garnered through this knowledge and understanding as it applies to the various dimensions of business and life. His sessions, their flow, the content and the conviction with which he holds the attention almost always ensures pin drop silence amongst participants. We have been privileged to have a continued association with Doongaji.
Chetan Tolia Director, Tata Management Training Centre, Pune

Alex Emanuel

We acknowledge with gratitude all the help Alex Emmanuel has rendered in setting up the operations in Pune, Maharashtra and guiding us continuously. As President India Operations, for the company and, Advisor, HR, I feel very lucky to have met Mr. Alex Emmanuel as his credentials, contacts, and integrity are to be admired. Thanks to his dedication, ingenuity, and flawless HR systems implementation, we have confidently, successfully and peacefully been able to grow our business despite the fact that we are half-way around the world.
Richard Whelan - Chairman & MD, M3, USA


Alex Emmanuel’s immense help in streamlining the People processes and compensation and in organization structuring, PMS / Value workshops provided an excellent learning opportunity to our Management Trainees.
Vijayan M / Neha Kharde - Sr VP HR & GM HR - Mahindra & Mahindra 

It was a wonderful & enriching learning experience to attend the training programmes of Alex Emmanuel-- they are a fine blend of theory & practice." 
Mihir Kapadia - Executive Director, Manika Moulds Pvt. Ltd. 

Alex Emmanuel is highly professional in his approach with a fine blend of experience and youth.
Sandeep Lonkar - Executive Vice President - Rolastar Pvt Ltd

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